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The Theme Builder application can be built and run locally using two variations (Quick and Easy, Javascript Runtime Environment) that differ on complexity of setup.

Basic Requirements

  • Install git
  • Learn how to fork and clone GitHub repositories.

Quick and Easy

If you simply desire to run the application and do not need to perform any development enhancements, the easiest approach for running the application locally is to install Docker Desktop.

Javascript Runtime Environment

If you desire to extend or enhance the application, a local development environment will need to be configured. This requires the installation of Node.js prerequisites, specifically

  • NodeJS 16+
  • npm 8+

Visit Node.js downloads for latest versions.

Targeted Browsers

We are targeting the following browser versions:

  • Chrome v109+
  • Safari v15.6+
  • Edge v110+
  • Firefox v111+

This list consists of reasonably recent versions that are most likely to be in use by designers and developers. We would welcome any input from enterprise-type users to help improve this list.