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Person Needing Accommodations

A content consumer with one or more disabilities or disorders. Needs to be able to interact with accessible content to achieve goals.


Defines consistent design language components and style. Needs to be able to create accessible styling for content creators and developers with minimal effort.


Implements design language in software systems that generate content. Needs to be able to create accessibly inclusive renderings with ease.

Content Creator

Utilizes the design language to produce consistently styled content. Needs to publish accessible content without extra steps or effort.

Design Tokens

Visual values that construct the foundational pieces of a design. These values are data representations of design system elements (i.e.: spacing, color, typography, object styles, animation). They are used to construct and maintain a design system. Examples include: a color as a RGB value, an opacity as a number, an animation ease as Bezier coordinates.

Design Workbench

An integrated development environment tool for UI component developers to create and test components in isolation. Enables Designers to store and share reusable design components and interactions that are created using Design Tokens. Storybook is an example of a Design Workbench.