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FINOS - Incubating DFS - Incubating

Call for Contributions

As an incubation project, FINOS seeks community input on where this project can be enhanced and/or put-into-use. This document serves as a compendium of suggestions pertaining to possible:

  • feature enhancements
  • applicable use cases
  • workflow integrations

If you have a suggestion to share, please submit a ticket to help capture and track your suggestion. We recommend to also submit a pull-request against this documentation section so that your ideas can be included in the project documentation.

Feature Enhancements

Share an idea for how Theme Builder could be improved. Explore and/or augment this list of enhancement ideas. Please use an existing or new ticket to expand on a specific feature.

Feature Name Description Suggestion Ticket
A11y Layers (Overlays) Create and add new overlays. 456
New Atomic Elements Extending Atomic components of the existing system. Create and add new atoms, molecule, or organism. 455
Default Test App Write a node-based web application that utilizes the output (generated CSS and/or JSON theme files) of Theme Builder. This could be applied to printing services, ATM’s, payment devices, etc. 454
Styling Preview Render within the Theme Builder interface a preview of how the chosen colors and styles would be applied to each atomic element. 453
Design Starter Files Create Theme Builder component starter files in Adobe XD and Sketch formats based on the Figma Starter File. 452
Alternate Output Formats Enable the ThemeBuilder to generate outputs suitable for mobile or desktop environments such as Xcode. 451
Sub-themes Allow for the creation of sub-themes associated with or building off of a parent theme. For instance, allow a sub-theme to be created for an intranet that is based off an organizations public website theme. 450
Lockable Attributes The ability for theming attributes within a parent theme to be locked so that sub-themes based on the parent theme retain the parent styling for the locked attributes. This is beneficial for keeping sub-themes on-brand. 449
Updatable Theme Colors Provide the ability for users of the Theme Builder to modify the selected primary, secondary, and tertiary colors after being initially set. 448
Translation Layer Enable dyslexia support to be applied to fonts in languages other than English. 446

Use Cases

Share an idea for how Theme Builder can be used. We are interested in all possible use cases (not limited to the Finance Sector). Are you interested in building a prototype for a use case? Explore and/or augment this list of use cases. Please use an existing or new ticket( to expand on a specific use case.

Feature Name Description Suggestion Ticket
Design System Rebranding Utilize the Theme Builder to expedite the rebranding of an application. 459
Customized Consumer Instruments Customized credit cards or mail based on a user’s preferences (for example: if a user noted that they were colorblind, the Theme Builder tool could be utilized to automatically change the colors & contrast values of their credit card when it was printed). 461
Command Line Interface A CLI could be used in a CI/CD process to automate any of the following: (1) transformation: automatically building/deploying multiple versions of a single app with different accessibility features enabled.(2) verification: verify that the checked in design system meets the min level of the source control merging standards; (3) output generation: automatically generate the outputs (CSS, JSON, PPT, etc) from a hosted design system. 462
Design System Accessibility Assessment Verify if existing theme is a11y compliant via uploading for assessment. Metadata included to advise on standard development of a11y compliant solutions as part of results. 460
User Profile Specific Variations Store user preferences to provide on-demand, profile-aware themes and experience variations across digital and physical channels that address a user's specific accessibility needs. 458
White-labeled Themes Leverage the Theme Builder to create accessible sub-themes for third-party applications such as Workday and design systems such as IBM Carbon. 457

Workflow Integrations

Do you have an idea for how Theme Builder can be used in the workflow activities between accessibility designers, developers, and testers? Are you interested in doing a proof-of-concept for a end-to-end integration? Explore and/or augment this list of ideas. Please use an existing or new ticket to expand on a specific concept.

Concept Description Suggestion Ticket
Low-code Environment Integration using Imagine a simple, easy to use toolchain workflow whereby Theme Builder provides the accessibly aware CSS that can be consumed by a low-code developer environment. 214
Dynamic Github A11y Create your personalized A11y Theme and connect it to a Github account for a personalized experience. 312
Theme Switcher Utilize Theme Builder to switch between themes for a given interface. Examples include upgrading a design system theme from WCAG AA to AAA. 465
Compliance Testing Test prototypes & solutions developed utilizing Fable testing tool. This would include adding a sample app that can be used for applying themes and then testing for verifying compliance. 466
Restaurant Menu Generator Integrate Theme Builder into menu creation at restaurants. Once a user scans the QR code for a menu, they would be able to switch to different themes of the menu, depending on their disability. 468
Nodejs Alternatives Implement atomic components in another Javascript language/framework 470
React Components Build React (or other framework) components that can consume Theme Builder output. 469
Synchronization with Storybook Published outputs from the ThemeBuilder are consumed by and therefore synchronized with a digital component library rendered in Storybook. 464
DesignOps Toolchain Prepare a demo and documentation for setting up the toolchain workflow for keeping the Design Component Library, the Digital Component Library and the CSS Library in sync. See DesignOps Toolchain for more details. 463